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serial crepe-ist.

i like crepes. i like crepes like zombie boy likes turtles. preferably savory crepes, but honestly i would put away any egg batter concoction you would place in front of me. so when i came across the merry table last year, a tiny french creperie in ptldme on wharf street, i thought i had creped myself and gone to heaven. on a whim, we had decided to head up to maine for a little vaca. although barring portland, i really don’t get the appeal at all. but in that really cool little city, there are a ton of excellent, quirky, even edgy, restaurants and eateries. the merry table wasn’t edgy. it was very much french. it’s location on wharf street, an alley really, with brick paving and stone buildings lends itself to the waterfront atmosphere and i was ready for a serious crepe experience! you can read my review on yelp that i linked to, but in the end, the merry table was a bit disappointing. and that made me think: crepes are not that hard to make. but to perfect? that is something entirely different. so i looked around the interwebs for a great crepe recipe. there were some good ones. there was also a lot of…crepe…sorry. no more crepe-y puns. seriously…that was it. i used to work in a kitchen that was owned by right-off-the-boat neapolitans. like, yesterday. and these guys had a fantastic savory crepe recipe that they had brought with them from the motherland. i don’t exactly remember it now in it’s entirety, but i do remember the ratio of 4:2:1 – respectively, eggs, milk, flour. like, a stick of melted butter, a bit of salt and a pinch of sugar and that’s it folks. i remember making up 10 gallon batches by hand waaayyy before there were cheap immersion blenders readily available. the trick was, once you had whipped all that air into the batter, you then needed to let it sit overnight in order not to have big fluffy pillows of pan-fried goodness. so, in my quest to recreate the perfect crepe. i knew that i needed to get the right tools for the job. hellllloooo williams sonoma. i had a gift card luckily, so i didn’t have to trade in my first born or anything. i got a sweet crepe pan from de Buyer, so that was pretty good. Image

i just followed my ratio of 4:2:1 and whipped up a Image

small batch of batter. this time with an immersion blender…Imagelet your batter sit for at least 3 hours if not overnight. you need to get the air out of the mix so it doesn’t puff up in the pan. now remember, butter is your friend. you need to butter the eff out of this in order to do it right. we’ve already got an entire stick of butter in the batter, but you need to butter the pan in between every other crepe, at the least. find the ladle that is appropriate to the pan size your’re using and drop it in a hot pan. medium heat to get it going, but you’re going to want to bring it back to med-low to finish these. they’re thin so they can burn easily. Image swirl the pan gently to distribute the batter evenly. then wait about 1 minute. then flip. if you can’t flip something in a pan, stop reading. i use wax paper sheets to stack multiple crepes when they’re done. which should be about 20 seconds more on the other side. Imageand that’s what you’re looking for. just slightly browned. so now we need a filling. you could do ham & brie, turkey with bechamel, baked apples & marscapone, etc etc etc. this light, delicate wrap is awesome with a million different combinations, so explore the possibilities. i chose to go with a thyme grilled chicken and lemon vinaigrette dressed arugula. ImageImage

i always grill the woody thyme stems into the chicken because it imparts such a great smoky woody flavor. Image

the best thing is that you can freeze extra crepes to use later, or refrigerate if you plan on using them within the week.Image

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