crucifixion cookies, anyone?

my good friend, T, is spending her last few months in RI. she’s headed down south to tampa, FL (god knows why) after accepting a position as catering director at a university in the sunshine state. YES! i’ve tried to dissuade her from leaving, but she seems intent on following through with the move. maybe it’s because here in the northeast, there’s a conservative undertone in collegiate culinary operations, as best witnessed by this example.

crucifixion cookies

yes, our baker decided to make CRUCIFIXION sugar cookies for easter this year. i will be going through his cookie cutter collection come monday. but back to her move; i’ve expressed to her that it’s a bunch of old people, and jewish people, and old jewish people. at the end of the day, it will be a good move for her professionally. also, her family is in the area, so that’s a major plus as well. however, we will be sad to see her leave lil’ rhody. no more backyard tiki bar soirees. no more cornhole tourneys. no more hanging out at the avery or getting kicked out of luxe burger. and most definitely, no more drunken brunches at downcity 😦

for the last 4-5 years, T has been hosting easter dinner at her place, and this year was no exception and extra special ‘cus it’s the last one she’ll spend with the pvd crew. she’s such a perfectionist; everything has to be done correctly, including the food and booze. when you walk in, the table is set, flowers are in vases, the drinks are chilled and the ham roasting in the oven smells divine.

most of her guests are foodies, if not full out chefs, so the menu is key in this setting. we all bring a dish to accompany the main course, and i have to say that all comers are delish. this year i made a roasted tomato and mozzarella panzanella salad. yeah, i know what you’re thinking; “wait, no tastymeaty dish?” knowing that there was going to be a rockin’ ham, i leaned towards the health zone my friends. it was pretty damn good.

I took some yellow and red grape tomatoes, halved them, added a bit of diced jalapeno for some fire,


and tossed it with some evo, s&p, green onion, and added some ripped dandelion greens that i had bought on a whim during my last shopping excursion (you never know when you may need dandelion greens). in retrospect, the greens were a bit bitter (and i like bitter) so maybe using something like a baby spinach or arugula would’ve worked better. I roasted it uncovered at 350 for 30 minutes. at the same time, i took a day-old baguette and cut it into roughly 1″ chunks, spread it out on a cookie sheet and drizzled with evo. finish with some sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, then throw it in the oven for the remaining 15 minutes so your tomatoes and bread end up coming out at the same time. i packed everything up in a thermal bag and made the trip to pvd. on arrival, i added bocconcini and the bread cubes, and gave it a quick toss. i really liked the warm tomatoes and the cool mozz combination. the crusty bread offered a really hearty feel to what is a relatively light dish. i’m going to have to say that it went over well as none of the salad made the return trip with me.

easter dinner at T’s was yet again another phenomenal gastro experience. from zucchini pie, to the oven baked ham, to the kick ass roasted tomato salad, we all left sated and just a bit bigger. i’m sad to see my friend host her last pvd easter dinner, but i wish her the best of luck in all of her upcoming adventures. 

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