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hot for hummus

just felt it was my duty to let you know that THIS was out there (NentirelySFW. but really, it’s going to come down to the office culture and the style of management, etc. etc., blahblahblah…).

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as i sit here, utterly alone on saint valentine’s day, i’ve summoned the strength and fortitude to pull myself from my malaise and offer up a symbol of love on this special day. erm, or whatever. i found a really cool site that happened to coincide with this miserable holiday, but in a foodie way. heart shaped eggs is where it’s at this year, and i made em’ kids. bento is a really neat concept, but takes an ass-load of time to execute. while i can appreciate all this silly, bunny, kitty, froofy junk, i’ll take my eggs over easy. 

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superbowl xlvi banh mi

ahh, the superbowl. hundreds of thousands of fanatics cram bars and private parties to watch a bunch of dudes in spandex spank each other. yeah, i’m totally into it too. being raised in a house that rooted consistently for the ny giants, and then living in new england currently, this last superbowl, and the one prior in 2008, have really pushed my level of tolerance. granted, american football is a pretty cool sport with a lot of conviction, strategy and butt-slapping, however, i really can’t find it in myself to get behind a team. while i don’t mind watching the physical and strategic contest, i could really give a crap about who wins. it’s a game people. a game. what i really enjoy, is watching the ridonculous SB commercials and making tasty meaty food. this year, i had a hankerin’ for some banh mi. i must have seen it somewhere recently so it was stuck in my head. i was now determined to make the best sandwich ever. i started out with some chinese 5-spice sauteed pork, sliced radish, cilantro, julienned carrot, sliced cucumber, a touch of lime juice and mayonnaise. all of which i stuffed into a par-baked baguette then toasted off. annnd, that was it. this stuff is easy folks, get to it.

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