the perfect lubricant for rusty pipes

barbi is my “work girlfriend”. she’s a sweet 62 year old cafeteria lady who shuffles around all day, but seriously gets a lot of crap/prep/work done. barbi works the soup and salad station and it’s always a pleasure to have her serve you. she sends everyone off with a cheerful, “have a great day!” the caf had put out tiny plastic spoons so you could sample the soups at the station, just in case you weren’t sure if you wanted the “craaaazy” chicken noodle, or the “off-the-wall-and-never-before-tried-bold-flavors” of the vegetable beef. today, she came up to me in a huff as i walked in and told me that the kids were taking the spoons en masse and she was “sick of it!” i immediately thought of the hanes sock commercial and snorted, which she didn’t appreciate one bit. after i had settled down, i asked barbi why the kids were hoarding tiny plastic soup spoons. she said she had overheard one of them exclaim, “oh look! coke spoons!”, before emptying the vessel. barbi shook her head and said, “times sure have changed…” to which i nodded somberly in agreement. “…in my day”, she continued, “we used to use a wd-40 straw.” Image

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